Housing for those needing a slower paced sober life

About Long-Term Living Homes

Our long-term living homes allow our residents peace of mind as they live a slower paced sober life. Many of our long-term residents have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, mental health issues and sporadic incarceration through out their lives. Most of them are unemployable or underemployed and receive assistance for food, mental health and even disability.

We also work with Veterans and retired professionals who do better in group housing. We do require recovery meeting attendance and suggest local service within agencies of their choice to help them with any community service hours they may have.

Our long-term Residents are all capable of, and required to care for their hygiene, cooking, and cleaning. They are free to come and go as they please and welcome to have visitors. Some of them drive, some take the bus, and many Uber wherever life takes them.

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