Housing for Drug Court Defendants, indigent inmates upon release, House Arrests, and Parolees

About Court Mandated Housing

Our Court Mandated Homes accommodate a variety of residents. We have relationships with many local drug courts, DUI court, Vet court, and residents released from jail under house arrest. We have been approved by Adult Parole and Probation in Southern and Northern Nevada to house indigent inmates and parolees upon their release.

We find it best to begin the release transition immediately upon sentencing for minor crimes with short sentences. It is best to apply for housing several months prior to being released from longer prison sentences. Our experience tells us the future resident while still incarcerated, will be eager for release, possibly moody and demanding on their loved ones for all the details to be completed on their time.

We provide written and online applications future residents can fill out with their counselors/probation officers. We can interview them via telephone and accept them upon release. We do require their rent to be paid in advance in order to provide the bed necessary upon release.

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