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Our Partner Program strives to meet the needs of our local sober and mental health living communities, as we struggle the most with finding homes in good neighborhoods in which we can sign long term leases or buy at a reasonable price.

If you have a home you would be interested in leasing to us for a long term or sell to us at a reasonable price, we would appreciate the opportunity to prepare a simple eligibility statement. Our homes are licensed and fall within proper zoning/use requirements. Becoming a community partner assures more beds for those in need and allows us the opportunity to meet more local needs.

We do have specific criteria in which we evaluate all future homes with:

  • Size of bedrooms and common area
  • Kitchen and refrigerator space
  • Bathrooms
  • Proximity to bus lines
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • Walking distance to recovery meetings

To discuss your home further, please Contact Us about our Partner Program

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