You Can Help Us Help Others

Our homes and our residents are in need of beds, dressers, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products. We appreciate these and other donations, and use them within our homes to help our newest residents closest to being transient upon arrival.

Our Oxford House affiliation allows us the ability to generate write-off receipts for these and cash donations of up to $999.00.

We offer an Adopt-a-Bed program in which we provide the first two weeks rent for transient residents showing they are striving to live sober, to obtain mental health help and to obtain employment.

We have relationships with local realtors, builders, and other professionals who help us provide short-term work and other donations for our homes and residents.

If you would like to make a donation of money, furniture, or supplies, please call us at 702.205.0637

Contact us to make a donation

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